Saturday, October 23, 2010

FREE Oriental Trading 2011 Calendar

Oriental Trading is offering a FREE 2011 Calendar! This offer will be available for a limited time only, so request yours now!  The calendar includes:
  • A special money-saving offer for you each month!
  • New tips & idea starters to help you plan fun events all year long!
  • Shopping reminders for guaranteed holiday delivery.
  • Tons of unique dates to celebrate every month, such as "National Ice Cream Day!"
Thanks, STL Mommy!

Walgreens November Coupon Booklet

photo courtesy of Wild for Wags

Starting tomorrow, look for the new November Walgreens coupon booklet in store.  It contains over $550 worth of coupons which can be stacked with manufacturer's coupons for extra savings!!  Coupons are valid from October 24th - November 20th.

$3/1 Baby Phat, David Beckham 2 piece Fragrance Gift Set (5242)
$3/1 Vanilla Fields Sand & Sable, Avatar, or Aspen 2 piece Fragrance Gift Set (5243)
$3/1 L’Oreal Couleur Experte or Dream Blonde Hair Color (5246)
$1/1 Revlon Tweezers (5249)
$2/1 L’Oreal Studio Secrets Base, Color Correctors, Telescopic Explosion Mascara (5250)

$1/2 Ghiradelli Chocolate Stand Up Bags or Premium Chocolate Bars 3 oz.+ (5600)
$1/1 Whitman’s Sampler 7 to 12 oz. (5607)
$1/1 Mars Minis 17.5 oz. (5698)
$1/2 Nestle Jingles 9.2 oz. or Butterfinger Miniatures 11 oz. (5656)
$1/2 Planters Peanuts 16 oz. or Flavor Grove Almonds 6 oz. (5031)
$1/2 Nabisco Crackers 9 to 16 oz. (5054)
$.99/3 Mars King Size Cndy 3.02 to 3.63 oz. (5659)
$.99/3 Mars M&M’s Theatre Box 3.4 oz. (5692)
$1/2 Hershey’s Kisses or Miniatures Chocolate Candy 7.8 to 8.5 oz. Cadbury Candy Coated Milk Chocolate 8 oz. (5658)
$1.50/ 2 Glaceau Smart Water 6 pack 20 oz. ea. (5066)
$0.50/1 Kraft Homestyle Deluxe Mac & Cheese 12.6 oz. (5032)
$0.50/1 Kraft Mac & Cheese, 3 pack or Easy Mac Original 4 pack (5052)
$1/2 Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice 25.4 oz. (5075)
$1/2 Lindt Lindor Truffles 5.1 oz. (5612)
$1/2 Toblerone Chocolate 3.5 or 3.52 oz. (5624
$2/2 Cella’s Chocolate Covered Cherries 11 oz. (5642)
$1/1 Bauducco Panettone 26.5 oz. (5834)
$0.50/1 Simply Juice Apple, Lemonade or Orange (13.5 or 59 oz) (5800)

$1/1 Crest Pro-Health Clinical Gum Protection or Sensitivity Plus Scope Toothpaste 4 or 4.1 oz. or Oral-B CrossAction Toothbrush (5159)
$2/1 Oral-B Pulsar or CrossAction Power Toothbrush or 2 pack Brush Head Refill (5196)
$2/1 SmartMouth 12-Hour Fresh Breath Mouthwash 16 oz. (5235)
$1/1 ACT Anti-Cavity Kids Mouth Rinse, SpongeBob 16.9 oz. or Bubble Gum 18 oz. (5241)
$2/1 Bufferin Pain Relief 130 ct. Tablets (5260)
$3/1 MidNite PM Pain or Sleep Relief 28 or 30 ct. (5261)
$2/1 Refresh Eye Drops 1 oz. or Single-Use Containers 50 or 70 pack or Optiva 1 oz. (5148)
$1/1 Nostrilla Long Acting Decongestant .5 oz. (5268)
$2/1 Comtrex PE Cold & Cough Day and Night Relief 24 ct. (5269)
$3/1 Breathe Right Nasal Strips 10 pack or Kids’ Nasel Strips 12 pack (5270)
$1/1 Advil Congestion Relief 10 ct. Tablets (5271)
$1/1 Triaminic Non-Aspirin Fever Reducer 4 oz. (5272)
$2/1 SinuSense Water Pik Saline Packets 60 pack (5275)
$2/1 Mylanta Antacid Anti-Gas 12 oz. $2 OFF (5277)
$2/1 Imodium A-D 24 ct. A-D EZ Chews 20 ct. or Multi-symptom 18 ct. (5278)
$3/1 Fiber Choice 90 ct. or Beano 100 ct. $3 (5280)
$3/1 Ducolax Suppositories, 8 pack or Tablet, 50 ct. or Balance 14 Day 8.3 oz. (5283)
$2/1 Health Plus Super Colon Cleanse 120 ct. (5284)
$3/1 Phillips’ Colon Health + Fiber 3.5 oz. (5285)
$2/1 5-Hour Energy Shots 2 oz. ea. 6 pack (5287)
$10/1 alli Weight Loss Aid Capsules Refill 120 ct. (5288)
$1/1 Zentrip Motion Sickness Thinstrips 8 pack (5289)
$2/1 Hyland’s Leg Cramps with Quinine Caplets 40 ct. or Calms Forte Tablets 50 ct. (5290)
$3/1 At Home Drug Test (5291)
$3/2 Johnson & Johnson RED CROSS Non-Adhesive Bandages, Gauze, Pads or Tape (5292)
$4/1 Natrol Maqui or Acai Berry 60ct. (5294)
$3/1 Natrol Melatonin Time Release Tablets 100 ct. (5295)
$3/1 Natrol 5-htp 100 mg. Caplets 30 ct. (5296)
$5/1 Natrol Esselence Hair Essentials 50 ct. or Skin Essentials 30ct. (5297)
$3/1 Slo-Niacin 500 or 750 mg. 100 ct. (5298)
$5/1 Youthforia Anti-Aging Complex Capsules 60 ct. or Resveratrol 250 or 500 mg. Capsules 30 ct. (5299)
$1/1 Genesis Today Juice Acai Berry or Resveratrol 33.8 oz. (5341)
$2/1 Medline Inflatable Ring Cushion (5328)
$5/1 Medline Swivel Seat (5329)
$2/1 Curad Cast Protector Adult 2 pack (5293)
$3/1 BD Ultra-Fine 33 Gauge Lancets 100 pack (5331)
$3/1 TriDerma Creams or Cleansers 1 to 6.2 oz. (5334)
$30/1 Kinetik Family Health Pack, Includes a blood pressure cuff, pedometer and ear thermometer (5336)
$20/1 Kinetik Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (5337)
$5/1 AccuTech CholesTrak Cholesterol & HDL Test (5338)
$1/1 Cold-Eeze Lozenges (18 ct) (5539)
$1/1 Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste (6 oz – 2pk) or 360 Clean T brush (2pk) (5527)
$.50/2 Colgate Total Toothbrush or SoftSoap Liquid Band Soap Refill (56 oz) (5528)
$2/1 Diabetic Tussin DM Maximum Strength (8 oz) (5614)
$1/1 Gold Bond Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer (12 oz) (5535)
$2/1 Hibiclens Skin Cleanser (8oz) (5538)
$2/1 Oscillococcinum Natural Flu Relief (6ct) (5615)
$2/1 NeilMed Sinus Relief Refill (100 pk) or Nasaflo Neti Pot (50 pk) (5601)
$.50/1 Pampers Sensitive Wipes (60 or 64 pk) (5531)
$.50/1 Pedialyte Electrolyte Maintenance (4 – 8 powder pks), Singles (4 pk) Freezer Pops (16pk) or Liquid (33.8 oz) (5530)
$4/1 Releev Cold Sore Treatment, .2oz (5536)
$.50/1 Ricola Cough Drops (19-24 ct) (5544)
$1/1 Robitussin Liquid (8oz) To Go (10 ct) or Dimetapp Cold Allergy (8 oz) (5619)
$2/1 Sambucol Cold & Flu Relief (30 ct) (5616)
$1/2 Theraflu Vapor Patches, Packets or Liquid (5618)
$1/1 ThermalOn Sinus Compress (5608)
$2/1 Zicam Tablets, Chews, Lozenges, Swabs, Gel, Mist, Syrup or Spray (5613)

Personal Care
John Frieda Root Awakening or Luxurious Volume Shampoo, Conditioner, and Leave-In Spray B1G1 50% OFF
$2/1 Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 4 or 7 oz. (5245)
$1/1 Selsun Blue Dandruff Shampp 11 oz. (5247)
$5/1 Wahl Lithium Ion Groomer or Color Pro Clipper (5248)
$2/1 Clean Care Cleaning/Disinfecting Solution 15 oz. ea. 2 pk or Travel Pk 3 oz. or Aquify 15 oz. ea. 2 pk (5276)

$2/1 Huggies Little Movers Box Diapers 56 to 76 pack (5263)
$0.50/1 Boogie Wipes 30 pack (5264)

Walgreens Brand
$.50/1 W Ultra Paper Towels, 3 rolls, 112 sheets ea. Or Bath Tissue 9 rolls 143 sheets ea. (5340)
$.50/1 W Antibacterial Towelettes 40 pack (5076)
$.50/1 W Medicated Lip Care Tube .35 oz. or Jar .25 oz. (5254)
$3/1 W Vaporizer one gal. (5265)
$5/1 Wal-itin Allergy 10 mg. Tablets 150 ct. (5273)
$5/1 Wal-Zyr Allergy 10 mg. Tablets 300 ct. (5274)
$3/1 W Fiber Select Gummies 90 ct. (5286)
$3/1 W Omega-3 Krill Oil 60 ct. (5327)
$10/1 W Stop Smoking Nicotine Gum 160 ro 170 ct. or Lozenges 108 ct. (5266)
$5/1 W Nicotine Patch 14 pack, Gum 100 or 110 ct. or Lozenges (5339)
$1/1 W Travel Lancets 25 pack (5333)
$3/1 W 26 Gauge Lancets 200 pack or 28 Gauge Lancets 210 pack (5332)
$1/1 W Alcohol Swabs with Pain Relief 60 pack (5330)$1/ W Glucose Tablet 50 ct. (5335)
$.50/1 W Chap-Aid Lip Balm (.15oz) (5537)
$2/1 W Cold/Flu Relief (10 oz – 2pk) (5610)
$3/1 W Fast Relief Cold Sore Treatment (2pk .6ml ea) (5611)
$.50/1 Wal-Flu (6 pk) (5609)
$3/1 W Mucus Relief DM (60 ct) (5605)
$1/1 W Oral Relief Spray (6 oz) (5543)
$2/1 W Rest Easy Nasal Strips (30 pk) (5603)
$1/1 W Saline Nasal Spray (3 oz)
$2/1 W Sinus Wash Refills (100 pk) (5602)
$10/1 W Temple Touch or Instant Ear Thermometer (5501)
$1/1 W TrueTrack Blood Glucose Meter (5525)
$5/1 W TrueTrack Test Strips (25 pk) (5526)
$.50/1 W Vapor Inhaler (5534)
$2/1 W Vapor Steam Liquid (8oz) (5532)
$1/1 W Vaporizing Chest Rub (3.53 oz) (5533)
$1/1 W Zinc Lozenges (18 ct) (5540)
$2/1 W Zinc Tablets or Quick Melts (25 ct) (5541)


$2/1 Energizer EZ Change Hearing Aid Batteries 10, 13 or 312, 8 pack (5077)
$5/1 Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries 10, 13, 312, 24 pack (5093)
$5/1 Kodak PowerFlash Cameras One-Time-Use, 54 total exp. 2 pack (5094)
$2/1 Kodak Ultramax 35mm, 400 speed, 96 total exp., 4pk (5095)
$5/1 SanDisk 8GB SDHC Memory Card (5096)
$1/1 W Glossy Photo Paper 8.5×11 in., 25 sheets (5097)
$3/2 W Collage Print 8×10 in. (w/purchase of 2) (6063)
$4/1 W Archive DVD (6310)

Thanks, WildForWags & MoJo Savings!

Last Day to Enter Boogie Wipes Giveaway!

Today is the LAST day to enter our Boogie Wipes Giveaway!  Get your entry in before midnight Central time! 

Happy winning!!

FREE Tide Plus Febreze Detergent Sample

Sign up for a FREE sample of Tide plus Febreze Freshness Detergent from P&G Sampler!  The sample also comes with a $1 off coupon!  You may not be eligible for this sample if you've already requested samples from P&G this quarter. 

Thanks Brandie!

Sunday Paper Coupon Preview 10/24

This week there should be a RedPlum and a SmartSource insert in the Sunday paper.  To view a full list of coupons, visit Sunday Coupon Preview.  Note:  coupons and inserts may vary depending on the region and newspaper.

American Greetings $1 Off 3 Cards Coupon

American Greetings has released a coupon for $1 off any purchase of 3 cards!  The $0.99 or less cards are excluded. Coupon is valid through November 15.

Thanks, My Memphis Mommy!

New 10-Point Pampers Gifts to Grow Code

Pampers has a new 10-point code out!  Login or sign up for Pampers Gifts to Grow and enter code: Pampersgtg10pts.

You can view more Pampers Gifts to Grow codes here.

Thanks, My DFW Mommy!

Old Navy Printable 30%-40% Off Select Fall Fashions Coupon

Old Navy has a great new printable couponPrint this coupon and use it in-store to get 40% off select fall fashion when you pay with an Old Navy, Gap, or Banana Republic store card.  If you don't have a store card, you still save 30% with the coupon!  You can also get this savings online by using the coupon code: ONTRENDS.  This deal is valid through October 28.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Music Review: KT Tunstall's Tiger Suit

When I was asked by One2One Network to review KT Tunstall's third CD Tiger Suit which just released in the US on October 5, I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  Honestly the only song of hers that I was familiar with was her Grammy-nominated hit "Black Horse and The Cherry Tree" though she has had a few other big hits including "Suddenly I See," "Other Side of the World" and "Hold On." 

Tiger Suit, which KT describes as being a "nature techno" style, has an ambient and electronic edge.  My husband and I have listened to it several times and although it's more his musical style than mine, we both really enjoyed it.  Some of my favorite songs from Tiger Suit are "Difficulty," Lost," and "Fade Like a Shadow" - which is already a Top 20 radio hit!  This is definitely an album that is a welcome addition to our musical library. 

To learn more about KT and her music visit...
KT's Website
KT on Facebook
KT on Twitter

© 2010 My Evansville Mommy.  The content of this review may not by copied without written permission.

I received a complimentary copy of Tiger Suit from One2One Network. I was not otherwise compensated but for my participation was entered into a giftcard drawing. All opinions expressed are my own.

Pay It Forward: Purina $2 Donation

You are invited to join Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Cat Nap for the Cause, which encourages breast cancer awareness supporters to take a 20-minute cat nap to support breast cancer. For each “cat napper” that signs up on their Facebook page, Purina Cat Chow will donate $2, up to $150,000 – on top of their 2010 donation of $200,000! All donations go directly to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. 

Inspired by cancer survivors’ stories of the role their cats played during their battle with cancer, Purina Cat Chow first began a relationship with Susan G. Komen to honor the unique bond between cat owners and their cats. In fact, a recent Purina Cat Chow national survey of breast cancer survivors with cats showed that more than 84 percent of respondents felt their cat had a calming effect during their battle with breast cancer and nearly seven out of 10 said their cats were a source of comfort when battling the disease.

Actress Kate Walsh has teamed up with Purina Cat Chow as spokesperson for Cat Nap for the Cause! Kate Walsh is not only a breast cancer awareness supporter – her mother is a more than 10-year breast cancer survivor. Kate along with other celebrity supporters will donate personalized blankets, perfect for a cat nap, to raise awareness for the campaign. You are invited to register for a chance to win a celebrity Cat Nap for the Cause blanket.

To thank you for helping with this cause you are being offered a coupon for a free 16 oz. bag of Purina Cat Chow as an incentive to help. After all, what is better than napping for a good cause? And it takes only a minute to sign up! Just visit Cat Chow on Facebook and click “Cat Nap.”
Thanks to jsha and Purina for including us in this pay it forward offer.

Thanks, My Springfield Mommy!

Reminder: $20 Credit When You Join Rue La La, Ends 10/25

A few days ago I posted about Rue La La, a 48-hour deals site which is currently offering a $20 credit just for signing up!  The credit will appear within 48 hours of joining (mine actually appeared the same day) and must be used by 12/31/10.   But this $20 credit offer is only good through 10/25 so sign up now! Plus you can earn more credits by sharing Rue La La with your friends - you earn a $10 credit every time one of your friends signs up with your invite and makes their first purchase!  There is no limit to how many credits you can earn from friend referrals!

Rue La La's featured items are a little high end (or maybe more than a little!) but some are discounted pretty low.  Today I found some men's silk ties for $19 (reg. $65) - a great idea for Christmas shopping!

Freebie Friday Round Up 10/22

Who doesn't love FREE stuff?  Some of the free offers we share unfortunately go fast, but others are still available!  Here is a list of freebie offers that should currently still be valid:

* MP3 Free Download (song changes daily)
* Garnier Ultra-Lift With Pro Retinol Free Sample
* Eucerin Lotion Free Sample
* Walgreens 8x10 Free Photo Collage
* Vaseline Intensive Rescue Free Sample
* Taco Bell Free Frutista Freeze Coupon
* Kashi TLC Bar or Crackers Free Sample
* Extra Dessert Delights Gum Free Sample
* Kangaroo Express Free Coffee Coupon
* Fifty Sheets of Free Origami Paper
* Emergen-C Free Sample
* Baskin Robbins Free Scoop of Ice Cream Coupon
* Playtex Sport Free Samples
* Liftoff Energy Drink Free Sample
* Murphy USA Free Coke Product Coupon
* Sun Chorella Free 2-Week Supply of Skin Cream
* Pilot Free 20 oz. Mountain Dew Whiteout Coupon
* Pilot Free 16 oz. Hot Beverage Coupon
* IHOP Free Rooty Toot Fresh 'n Fruity Coupon
* Breathe Right Strips Free Samples
* Ester-C Gummies Free Sample
* Send Free Kleenex to a Friend
* White Castle Free Garlic Cheese Slider Coupon
* Shout Color Catcher Free Sample
* Estee Lauder Foundation Free 10-Day Supply
* Garnier Fructis Shampoo Free Sample
* K-Y Intrigue Free Sample
* Thomas Coffee Free Sample
* John Frieda Root Awakening Free Sample
* LeapFrog Free Book
* Kotex Free Sample Packs
* Nature's Bounty Adult Multi Gummies Free Sample
* Cottonelle Free Flushable Wipes Coupon
* Crest Toothpaste Free Sample
* FLIX Dental Sticks Free Sample
* Pampers Potty Training Free Kit
* Nescafe Tasters Choice Free Sampler Pack
* Sun Crystals Sweetener Free Sample
* Teasta Loose Tea Free Samples
* Kids 'n Pets Product Free w/ Rebate
* Pantene, Dove, and John Frieda Hair Products Free Samples
* Enfamil Free Formula Certificate

Free with purchase deals:

* Chili's Free Chips & Queso w/ Entree Purchase Coupon
* Tumbleweed Buy 1, Get 1 Free (select items) Coupon
* ZonePerfect Bars Buy 1, Get 1 Free Coupon
* Bath & Body Works Free Signature Item w/ Any Purchase Coupon
* Sunbelt Buy 1, Get 1 Free Coupon

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Reminder: Boogie Wipes Giveaway Ends Tomorrow, 10/23

Don't forget to enter the Boogie Wipes Giveaway, ending tomorrow 10/23 at 11:59 PM central time!

FREE "Faithfully" by Glee MP3 Download, Today Only

I really like today's FREE MP3 download from VolumeVote.comVisit Volume Vote to download "Faithfully" by Glee from the album Journey to Regionals!  Remember, this download will be available today only.

FREE Garnier Ultra-Lift With Pro Retinol Sample

Walmart is offering a new FREE sample today of Garnier Ultra-Lift with Pro Retinol moisturizer!  Simply fill out a short form to request your sample!

Old Navy: $5 Performance Fleece Vests, Saturday 10/23 Only

Visit Old Navy this Saturday, October 23rd and get Performance Fleece Vests for the family (and for gifts) for only $5 (regularly $9.50-$15)! Select styles only; limit 5 per customer.  Many stores will be opening early for this sale (Evansville location will be opening at 7 AM).

Thanks, My Chicago Mommy! $25 Gift Certificates for $2 or Less

For a limited time only, $25 gift certificates are 80% off!  Most $25 certificates retail for $10 making them just $2 when you use coupon code PUMPKIN. You can also receive 80% off $25 Gift Cards or the Dinner of the Month Club when you use code PUMPKIN.  This discount is only good through October 25!

To save even more, you can buy from through Mr. Rebates. Simply log into your Mr. Rebates account and search for, currently offering 25% Cash Back. Don't forget to enter the coupon code PUMPKIN. So not only can you get $25.00 Gift Certificates for $2.00 but you can also earn 25% Cash Back on that purchase!  Plus if you're a first time user, you will receive $5.00 for joining Mr. Rebates!

It's Mega Swag Bucks Friday!

Today is Friday which means that its Mega Swag Bucks Day!  Any time you search online through Swagbucks you have a chance to win Mega Swag Bucks, higher denominations than usual.  Swag Bucks can be used in the Swag store for gifts cards and other fun prizes!  Last week I cashed some of my Swag Bucks out for a $5 Amazon gift card!

If you haven't joined Swagbucks, join now and earn 30 Swagbucks immediately just for signing up!  It's easy to earn Swag Bucks daily just by searching through them.  One way to search easily is to download their free toolbar and do your searches through that toolbar (you automatically earn 1 Swagbucks a day just for having the toolbar!) or you can search online by going to Join today and get paid to search!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Recall: Graco Quattro and MetroLite Strollers

Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Stroller - Brunswick - GRO086Graco MetroLite Stroller

My DFW Mommy passed along this recall info on Graco Quattro and MetroLite Strollers:

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Graco Children's Products Inc. have issued a recall of about two million Graco strollers due to risk of entrapment and strangulation. Entrapment and strangulation can occur, especially in infants younger than 12 months of age, when a child is not harnessed. The infant can pass through the opening between the stroller tray and seat bottom, but his or her head and neck can become entrapped. The recall involves strollers and travel systems distributed between November 2000 and December 2007. Click here for a complete list of recalled model numbers. The model numbers are printed on a label at the lower portion of the rear frame.

If you have one, immediately stop using the recalled stroller and contact Graco for a free repair kit. To order your repair kit, contact Graco toll-free at 877-828-4046 anytime or visit their website!

Thanks, My DFW Mommy!

FREE Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Lotion Sample

"Like" Eucerin on Facebook and make a commitment to your skin's health and you can request a FREE sample of Daily Skin Balance Lotion!  And when you take the skin care pledge, Eucerin will make a donation to!

While you're on Facebook, don't forget to "like" My Evansville Mommy too!

Thanks, My Springfield Mommy!

Walgreens: FREE 8x10 Photo Collage Through 10/23


Get a FREE 8×10 Photo Collage (a $3.99 value) from Walgreens when you use coupon code 8x10TREAT at checkout! This is an online-only deal but you can select store pickup so that you won't have to pay any shipping.  This offer is only valid through Saturday, 10/23.

Thanks, STL Mommy!

Buy 1, Get 1 FREE ZonePerfect Bars Coupon

Click on over to Facebook and "like" ZonePerfect and then enter their sweepstakes for an autographed Gretsch Guitar and you'll get to download a Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Cookie Dough Bar coupon!

While you are on Facebook, don't forget to "like" My Evansville Mommy too!

Old Navy: Performance Fleece Scarves for $3.75

Old Navy's performance fleece scarves are on sale for $5 right now (reg. $7.50)!  You can also use a 25% discount code on top of the $5 sale - making the price $3.75! Use code ONSTYLE25 at checkout. This discount is only available online today!  Also be sure to look at their other fleece sale items including women's fleece zip hoodies as low as $8.99 (reg. $19.50) and men's jersey fleece jackets as low as $14.99 (reg. $24.50).

Thanks, My CNY Mommy!

FREE $5 Groupon Gift Card for New Subscribers

ALL YOU is offering an exclusive Groupon freebie today, available to new Groupon subscribers only.   Click here to receive a FREE $5 Groupon gift card for becoming a Groupon member!  Offer is limited to the first 50,000 eligible requests.

Stride Right 20% Off $50 or More Purchase Coupon


You can save 20% off your entire purchase of $50 or more at Stride Rite with this coupon! The coupon isv valid through October 31 and there is also a coupon for you to share with a friend.  You can also take advantage of the savings online at Stride Ride when you use the coupon code FALL2010 at checkout.

Thanks, My Chicago Mommy!

FREE "The Reason" by Hoobastank MP3 Download, Today Only

Check out this FREE MP3 download from available today only.  Visit Volume Vote to download "The Reason" by Hoobastank from the album The Reason!

Hot CVS Deals This Week - FREE Neutrogena and Glade

Here are a few deals that have popped up since the match up we posted on Saturday.  Happy shopping!

A reader, Amanda, told me that the coupon kiosk is printing out $1/1 fun size candy coupons rather than the $1/2 coupon mentioned in the ad.  So this is a great deal for anyone that only wants to buy one bag!  Thanks, Amanda! 

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Split Ends Mender 3oz., $7.49
Receive $7.49 ECB
Final Price, FREE

Buy 2 Glade Relaxing Moments Spray 9.7 oz., $2.50 each
B1G1 FREE Glade Premium Room Spray (9/26 SS)
$1/1 Glade Premium Room Spray (9.7-oz) printable or from Sept '10 All You
stack with CVS coupons: $1/1 Glade Relaxing Moments (use 2)
Final Price, FREE + $0.50 overage

Note: CVS will probably not let your total go below zero so you'll need to purchase something else with the Glade deal to use up the $0.50 overage.  For more CVS deals, see our CVS match up!

Glade and Scrubbing Bubbles Coupons from Right@Home

Join Right@Home to keep up to date on their exclusive coupons!  Right now they have several Glade and Scrubbing Bubbles coupons including:

Save $5/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner Starter Kit

Save $2/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner Refills

Save $1/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel

Save $3/1 Glade Sense & Spray Automatic Freshener Starter Kit

Save $1/2 Glade Sense & Spray Automatic Freshener Refills

Save $3/1 Glade Scented Oils Lasting Impressions Alternating Fragrance Holder

Save $1/1 Glade Plugins Scented Oil Twin Refill or Two Single Refills

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Recipe Wednesday: Creamy Broccoli Soup

One of my favorite things about cold weather is hot soup! (Actually, I love soup so much that I eat it in hot weather too, but it's extra good when it's chilly out!)  Broccoli soup is one of my favorites and making it semi-homemade is both delicious and more economical than buying it already prepared.  Tip: you can get cream of mushroom or chicken soup at Walgreens this week for only 29 cents a can when you buy three cans (see our Walgreens match up here)!

Creamy Broccoli Soup

2 Tbsp. butter
1/4 c. onion, finely chopped
1 c. carrot, shredded
1 small clove garlic, minced
1 can cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup
1 can cheddar cheese soup
4 c. half-and-half or 2 c. milk and 2 c. cream
1 lb. broccoli crowns, trimmed and chopped
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. black pepper

Printable save $1.50/3 Campbell's soup
Printable save $1/1 Organic Valley half-and-half or cream

In a large pot, saute the onion, carrot, and garlic in butter over medium-low heat until tender, about 10-12 minutes. Add the soups, half-and-half (or milk and cream), broccoli, salt, and pepper. Bring to a boil, while stirring occasionally, and then reduce heat. Cover and simmer until broccoli is tender (about 15-20 minutes), stirring occasionally. Yields about 4-6 servings.

High Value $2 Off Hungry Man Dinner Coupon


Hungry-Man's Facebook page is offering a high value coupon for $2 off of any Hungry-Man dinner!

While you're on Facebook, don't forget to "like" My Evansville Mommy too!

Thanks, STL Mommy!

Pay It Forward: Read to Your Child for a Donation

Visit Target's website and pledge to read to your child and Target will donate a book to a child in need!  What a quick and simple way to pay it forward! Target is running this promotion through January 29, 2011 and will donate a maximum of 1 million books.

Thanks, STL Mommy!

New Target Printable Coupons 10/20

Here is a list of new Target Printable Coupons!   I love Target coupons because they can be stacked with manufacturer's coupons to increase savings!

$1/1 Frito-Lay Baked Snack Item
$0.50/2 Capri-Sun Drink Pouches
$0.50/2 Jell-O Gelatin or Pudding Mix
$1/2 Jell-O Refrigerated Gelatin or Mousse
$1/2 Kraft Cheese Singles
$0.50/2 Kraft Cool Whip Topping
$0.75/1 Kraft Easy Mac Cheese Cups
$0.75/1 Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese
$0.50/2 Kraft Marshmallows
$0.50/1 Kraft Parmesan Cheese
$0.50/2 Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese
$0.75/1 Kraft Sandwich Shop Spread
$0.50/1 Kraft Velveeta Cheese
$1/2 Select Kraft Items
$1/1 Maxwell House Coffee
$0.75/1 Maxwell House International Coffee
$1/1 Nature Made Vitamins or Supplements
$1/1 Oscar Mayer Bacon
$0.75/1 Oscar Mayer Carving Board Lunchmeat
$1/2 Oscar Mayer Wieners or Franks
$1/2 Planters Nuts or Snacks
$1/2 Ritz Crackers

Thanks, My DFW Mommy!

Printable Coupon for $3 Moneymaker at Walgreens Next Week

There's a hot upcoming deal at Walgreens next week!  Print this ZarBee's Cough Syrup coupon and use it next week to get the syrup FREE + overage!  I'd print this coupon now before the print limit is reached and don't forget to use your browser's back button to print it a second time.

ZarBee’s Natural Cough Syrup 4oz., $5.99
Get $6 RR
Use $3.00/1 Printable Coupon
Final Price, FREE + $3.01 (minus tax) moneymaker!

Remember, this deal does not start at Walgreen's until Sunday, October 24.  Sorry, got the date wrong! The deal will start on Sunday, October 31!

Thanks, STL Mommy!

*Hot* Printable $5/1 Bic Mark-It Coupon

Head over to Facebook and "like" Bic Mark-it to get a printable coupon for $5/1 Bic Mark-it 24- or 36-count Permanent Markers!

While you are on Facebook, don't forget to "like" My Evansville Mommy too!

Thanks, Clippin' With Carie!

FREE Bath & Body Works Lip Item With Any Purchase

Use this printable coupon to get a FREE Lip Item (up to an $8 value) with ANY purchase at Bath & Body Works!  The coupon is valid through tomorrow, 10/21.

Thanks, My DFW Mommy!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Office Depot: Spent $0.91 on 1000 Sheets of Paper + More

Yesterday I posted a hot deal idea for Office Depot using a $10 off $20 coupon.  I went to Office Depot last night and although I wasn't able to get exactly what I wanted (they were out of a few $1 Deals like the scissors and Scotch tape), I was pretty happy with how it worked out.  I ended up just grabbing a $5 item to bump my purchase over $20 though if I had gotten something less expensive it would have been a free or moneymaker deal. (I only needed to spend another $2.02 when I picked up the $5 light but considering the fact that I kept the store open 5 minutes past closing time... I didn't really have time to be choosy!)

Staples Premium Multipurpose Paper, $6.99 x 2 = $13.98
Post-It Super Sticky Removable Label Pads, $1 x 2 = $2.00
Avery 5-Tab Clear Label Index Dividers, $1 x 2 = $2.00
LED Flex Light, $5.00
- $10 off $20 printable coupon
- $1 off Post-It Labels coupon
Total with tax: $12.89
Mail-In Rebate on the paper: $11.98
Total out of pocket expense: $0.91

The $10 off $20 coupon expires on Wednesday, October 20, so you only have until then to snag this deal!

TerraCycle Review: Drink Pouch Lunch Box and Pencil Case

A few weeks ago, TerraCycle provided a Drink Pouch Tote Bag Giveaway for My Evansville Mommy readers and I was also given the opportunity to review a few of their products, the Capri Sun Rectangular Lunch Box and Drink Pouch Pencil Case.  Peter, my 3-year-old, is fascinated by both of these.  He kept asking me for a juice box to put inside the lunch box... I guess he figured since it had juice on the outside then it needed to have juice on the inside too!

I love the concept of "upcycling" would-be trash and turning it into something that is both functional and visually appealing! Both the lunch box and pencil case are durably and neatly constructed out of drink pouches that look brand new - shiny, bright, and smooth.  The lunch box comfortably accommodates a sandwich or two, snacks, and a drink.  The pencil case is roomy enough to hold multiple pens, pencils, markers, etc, and is deep enough for a pair of scissors. 

Visit TerraCycle's website to browse more of their fantastic products!  Around Evansville, you can purchase TerraCycle products from Walmart and Home Depot. You can look up stores in your area on the TerraCycle website.

© 2010 My Evansville Mommy.  The content of this review may not by copied without written permission.

I received a complimentary lunch box and pencil case to review. No other compensation was provided and all views expressed are my honest opinions.

Dollar General $5 Off $25 Purchase Coupon

Dollar General is offering a printable $5 off $25 coupon that you can use this Thursday, Friday and Saturday (10/21 – 10/23)!  You can print this coupon from their website or when you “like” them on Facebook and click the $5 Off Coupon tab. 

While you're on Facebook, don't forget to "like" My Evansville Mommy too!

Thanks, My DFW Mommy!

One King's Lane: Earn $25 Credits for Friend Referrals

If you haven't joined One Kings Lane yet, you can do so now for free and get a $25 credit for every friend you refer who makes a purchase! Then you can use the credit towards your own purchases, whether it is something for you or it is a holiday gift! Either way, it's FREE shopping for you and the credit can be applied toward shipping charges as well. The merchandise on One King's Lane changes regularly as they feature different products available for only a few days. Right now you can get a set of two soy Archipelago Botanicals Candles for $22 (available through 10/21)!

If you are already a member, log in to your account to invite more friends to join and earn the $25 credit when your friends make a purchase for the first time. All credits expire 6 months after the purchase is made.

Thanks, My Chicago Mommy!

Crystal® Deodorant On Sale At Rite Aid & Walgreens

Crystal® is the world’s original and #1 mineral salt deodorant brand.  Crystal® prevents body odor all day long – naturally – rather than mask it with unwanted chemicals. One stick lasts up to a full year of daily use!

• Crystal® deodorants are clinically tested and hypoallergenic
• Cruelty free and environmentally safe
• Contain NO aluminum chlorohydrate, NO aluminum zirconium, NO parabens, NO phthalates, and NO dyes
• #1 in consumer safety by Environmental Working Group
• Endorsed by numerous US Cancer Treatment Centers

Crystal® products will be on sale at Rite Aid and Walgreens at $1 off for the Stick and $.50 off for the Roll-Ons and Spray through 10/23!

Disclosure: this is part of a One2One Network posting campaign.  I was not compensated for this post but for my participation was entered into a giftcard drawing.  

Babies R Us: Clearance Infant Costumes for $3.75

My hubby went to Babies R Us today to make a return and came home with a costume for our daughter Liberty. We didn't actually need a costume for Liberty since she is borrowing an adorable pink butterfly costume that my niece wore last year... but it was super clearanced down to $3.75 (originally $29.99) and so cute that Daddy thought she had to have it! He reports that Babies R Us had select infant costumes clearanced with an additional 50% off the lowest ticketed price. I'm not sure if this is going on at other locations, but the Evansville store had about 10-15 costumes for $3.75.  He got the last kangaroo one but says they had giraffe, lion, Pooh Bear, Tigger, and more.

Buy Low Weekly Match Up 10/18 - 10/24

If you are new to using coupons, you may want to read Coupons 101 first.

Hot sales:

Angus Pure Ground Chuck, sold in 3 lb.+ packages, $1.67/lb. limit 3

Best Choice Large Eggs Dozen, $0.49 limit 4

Tombstone Pizza, 12-inch, selected varieties, $1.99 limit 4

Lay's Potato Chips, selected varieties, $1.77 limit 4

Match up:

General Mills Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Kix, Golden Grahams, or Total, selected sizes, $1.49 limit 4 
Save $1/2 Cheerios (9/19 SS)
Save $1/2 Cocoa Puffs, Kix, or Golden Grahams (9/19 SS)
Save $1/3 Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Kix, Golden Grahams, or Total (10/3 GM)
Printable save $1/3 Cheerios or here
Final Price, as low as $0.99 each wyb 2

Yoplait Yogurt 4-6 oz., selected varieties, 20/$10
Save $0.50/8 (9/12 or 10/3 GM)
Save $0.40/6 (10/3 GM)
Printable save $0.40/6
Final Price, as low as 6/$2.60

Pilgrim's Pride Split Fryer Breasts, $1.59/lb.
Printable save $0.55/1
Final Price, varies

Farmland Sliced Bacon 1 lb., reg. or thick, $2.79
Save $1/1 Hickory Smoked (10/3 SS)
Save $0.75/1 Hickory Smoked Thick (8/8  SS)
Save $0.55/1 Hickory Smoked (8/8 SS)
Final Price, as low as $1.79

Tyson Any'Tizers or Breaded Chicken, selected varieties, 2/$5
Save $1/1 Any'Tizers (8/15 or 10/10 SS)
Save $1/1 Breaded Chicken (8/15 or 10/10 SS)
Final Price, 1/$1.50

El Monterey Burritos or Chimichangas 32 oz., selected varietes, $2.69
Printable save $1/2
Final Price, $2.19 each wyb 2

Powerade Sports Drinks 32 oz., selected varieties, 10/$10
Save $3/10 Powerade ION4 or Zero in-ad coupon
Final Price, 10/$7

Fuze, 10/$10
Save $1/2 (Oct '10 ALL YOU)
Final Price, 2/$1

Healthy Choice Soups, selected varieties, $0.99
Save $1/2 (10/17 SS)
Final Price, $0.49 each wyb 2

Hunt's Tomatoes 14.5 oz., selected varieties, $0.99
Save $1/3 Whole, Diced or Crushed Canned Tomatoes (10/3 SS)
Save $0.45/3 (10/3 SS)
Final Price, as low as 3/$1.97

Mazola Canola, Vegetable, Corn, or Right Blend Oil, 48 oz., $3.99
Save $1/2 (10/3 SS)
Final Price, $3.49 each wyb 2

Big G Cheerios 10.9-18 oz., 2/$6
Save $1/2 (9/19 SS)
Save $1/3 (10/3 GM)
Printable save $1/3 Cheerios or here
Final Price, as low as $2.50 each wyb 2

Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies, $1.99

Printable save $1/2
Final Price, $1.49 each wyb 2

V8 Fusion or Vegetable Juice, selected varieties, 2/$6
Printable save $1/2 Fusion 46 oz.
Printable save $1/2 Vegetable 46. oz.+
Save $0.75/2 Fusion (10/3 SS)
Save $0.75/1 Fusion+Tea 46 oz.+ (10/3 SS) (Fusion+Tea may not be included in sale)
Save $0.60/2 or $0.50/2 Vegetable 46 oz.+ (10/3 SS)
Final Price, as low as $2.50 each wyb 2

Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams, 2/$6
Save $1/2 (9/26 SS)
Final Price, 2/$5

Chex Mix, Gardetto's, or Bugles Snacks, 3/$5
Printable save $0.50/1 Chex 4.5 oz.+ or here
Printable save $0.50/1 Gardetto's 8 oz.+
Printable save $0.50/1 Bugles Caramel or Chocolate Peanut Butter or here
Save $0.50/2 Chex (9/12 SS)
Final Price, as low as 1/$1.17

Sunny D Punch, 64 oz., selected varieties, $0.79
Save $0.25/1 (8/8 SS)
Final Price, $0.54

Pillsbury Sweet or Crescent Rolls, selected varieties, 3/$5
Save $0.50/1 Sweet Rolls (10/10 SS)
Save $0.35/1 or $0.40/2 Sweet Rolls (9/12 GM)
Printable save $0.40/2 Sweet Rolls here, here, and here
Printable save $0.50/2 Crescents here, here, and here
Save $0.40/2 Crescents (9/12 or 10/3 GM)
Final Price, varies

Pillsbury Sweet Moments, selected varieties, $2.49
Printable save $1.50/1
Printable save $1/1 here and here
Save $1/1 (8/8 SS or 9/12 GM)
Save $0.75/1 (10/17 SS)
Final Price, as low as $0.99

Banquet Breaded Patties, Nuggets, Tenders, or Popcorn 12-15 oz., 2/$4
Save $1/2 (Oct '10 ALL YOU)
Final Price, 2/$3

Hungry-Man Dinners, selected varieties, 2/$5
Printable save $2/1 - Facebook
Final Price, 1/$0.50

Totino's Party Pizza or Pizza Rolls 6.9-10.9 oz., $0.99
Printable save $1/2 Any Totino's - must share with friends to print
Save $1/2 or $0.50/1 Rolls (8/8 SS#2)
Save $0.40/2 Rolls (8/8 SS#2 or 9/12 GM)
Save $0.50/1 Pizza (8/8 SS#2)
Final Price, as low as $0.49 each wyb 2

Healthy Choice Complete Dinners, selected varieties, 2/$5
Save $1/2 (10/17 SS)
Save $1/2 (Oct '10 ALL YOU)
Buy 5, Get 1 Free (9/26 SS)
Final Price, varies

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers, selected varieties, 2/$6
Save $1/2 (10/17 SS)
Save $1/2 (Oct '10 ALL YOU)
Buy 5, Get 1 Free (9/26 SS)
Final Price, varies

Healthy Choice Natural or Select Entrees, selected varieties, $1.99
Save $1/2 (10/17 SS)
Buy 5, Get 1 Free (9/26 SS)
Final Price, varies

Banquet Fruit Pies - Apple, Cherry, or Peach - 7 oz., 3/$2
Save $0.50/2 (9/12 SS)
Final Price, $0.42 each wyb 2

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel, selected varieties, 2/$4
Save $1/3 (8/8 SS#2)
Save $0.50/2 (8/8 SS#2, 9/12 GM, or 10/3 GM)
Save $0.75/3 (9/12 GM or 10/3 GM)
Final Price, as low as $1.67 each wyb 3

Marie Callender's Multi Serve Bakes, selected varieties, $4.99
Printable save $1/1 - must sign up with Marie Callender's
Save $1.50/1 or $1/1 (10/3 SS)
Final Price, as low as $3.49

Friskies Cat Food 5.5 oz., selected varieties, 4/$1
Save $1/15 (7/18 SS or 9/12 RP)
Final Price, 15/$2.75

Charmin Basic Bath Tissue, 12 rolls, $6.49
Bounty Basic Paper Towels, 8 rolls, $6.49
Save $0.25/1 Charmin (9/26 or 10/10 P&G)
Save $0.25/1 Bounty (9/26 P&G)
Final Price, $6.24

Vick's VapoRub Cough Suppressant 1.76 oz., $3.69
Vick's VapoInhaler Nasal Congestion Reliever, $3.69
Save $1.50/1 (10/10 P&G)
Save $1/1 (9/26 P&G)
Final Price, as low as $2.19

Cascade Dish Detergent, selected varieties, $2.99
Save $0.25/1 (9/26 P&G)
Final Price, $2.74

Dawn's Dish Liquid, selected varieties, 2/$5
Save $0.25/1 (9/26 P&G)
Final Price, 1/$2.25

Carefree or Stayfree Pads and Liners, selected varieties, $2.99
Printable save $1/1 Carefree Ultra Protection here or here
Save $0.50/1 Stayfree (9/26 RP)
Save $1/2 Carefree (9/26 RP)
Final Price, as low as $1.99

Arm & Hammer 2X Detergent, 2/$6
Printable $1/1 Powder Gel - may not be included in sale
Printable save $1/2 
Final Price, varies

Dove Men's Body Wash or Shower Tool, $3.99
Save $1/1 (10/3 RP)
Final Price, $2.99

Visit the newly remodeled Buy Low Covert location on Friday, October 22 from 3 - 6 PM for an Open House Celebration.  There will be product demonstrations, giveaways and prizes!

For any regional coupons that are not available in your area, I recommend buying them from The Coupon Clippers.

More Printable Coupons are available at and Red Plum!

*Check out the Coupon Database if you are looking for more coupons to match up with this weeks advertisement.

Daily Deal: Pfaltzgraff Woodland Holiday Dinnerware Set


Today's Housewares Deals daily deal is a Pfaltzgraff Woodland 16-piece Dinnerware Set. The set includes 4 each of: 10-3/4 inch diameter dinner plate, 8-1/2 inch diameter salad plate, 5-3/4 inch diameter soup/cereal bowl, and 4 inch high mug. Retailed for $184 but today this is just $39! I absolutely love poinsettias and think these dishes are gorgeous; too bad I already have a holiday dishes set!

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